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Advantages and Applications of LED Neon Lights for Illuminated Signs

LED neon lights are commonly used for large outdoor signs or creative glowing designs. Sometimes LED neon lights are shown directly, while others are covered. They use neon lights as a light source and are a high-end flexible lighting decoration product. They look like regular neon lights, but can be bent flexibly and have anti-cracking and waterproof features, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

LED neon lights, also known as neon letters, combine traditional neon lights with LED light sources, and have both the rich colors of traditional neon lights and the features of LED light sources. Their advantages mainly include:

LED neon lights use electronic technology combined with polymer materials 

Characters emit light throughout, on the unique font edges, and on the sides with unique lighting technology. Its overall visual effect is excellent, and it can work at low (-40℃) and high temperatures (+60℃) for up to tens of thousands of hours. It does not need repairing within three years of normal use, while traditional neon lights can only work at room temperature for a short time and are difficult to maintain.

LED neon lights have higher brightness than traditional neon lights

Compared with traditional neon lights, LED neon light can save more than 80% of electricity consumption while having the same lighting area and display function. The electricity bill saved by the user for one year can recover the investment in installing new neon lights.

LED neon lights use safe voltage, and the material has insulation performance

The font can emit colorful light, the color can be changed arbitrarily, the font is clear, and the advertising lettering has a strong sense of reality. No matter the size or complexity of the font, it can be processed and produced without missing strokes or incomplete lines. Traditional neon lights require transformers, which increase the voltage from 200 volts to 15,000 volts to create single-color light that follows the edges of the text pattern in a glass tube filled with inert gas. Two sets of glass tubes are needed for two colors, and any gas leakage or glass breakage can lead to missing strokes or incomplete lines, which is almost a common problem that traditional neon lights cannot overcome.

The comprehensive cost of LED neon lights is 50% of traditional neon lights

The market price is 300% of the cost, and the manufacturing process is simple, while the traditional neon light manufacturing process is complex and expensive. LED neon lights can work in flammable and explosive environments such as gas, coal gas, and toxic gas, except for places where traditional neon lights are involved. The brightness of traditional neon lights cannot be adjusted, while LED neon lights can change control conditions without any flicker or flashing effects.

LED neon lights are resistant to impacts

LED neon lights are acid and alkali-resistant, weather-resistant, and have high strength, while traditional neon lights lack protection and are easily broken, afraid of rain and storms.

LED neon lights can also have multiple display modes such as jumping, gradient, and mixed colors, can meet more complex creative design needs, and have more applications.

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