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The Difference Between Automotive LED Headlights and Halogen Headlights

There are many configurations for cars, and we often focus on important parts, so some small components, such as car headlights, are often ignored. It is said that in the early days of car invention in 1887, there were no headlights. A driver got lost while driving on a dark road and used a simple kerosene lamp for illumination, eventually finding his way home. This is the original concept of car headlights. Today's car headlights have evolved from the original kerosene lamp to halogen, xenon, LED, and even laser headlights. The most commonly used on the market are halogen and LED, so what is the difference between them? Today we will discuss their characteristics.

LED car light works differently from halogen light

Halogen lights are an upgraded version of incandescent lights, which work by heating the tungsten wire inside the bulb with electricity to produce light. LED car lights are light-emitting diodes, which use solid-state semiconductor chips as the light-emitting material and emit light directly through the recombination of electron-hole pairs.

LED cars light and halogen lights have different light colors

Halogen lights contain halogen gases such as iodine or bromine. At high temperatures, the sublimated tungsten wire reacts chemically with the halogen to produce light with a yellowish color, appearing warm in color. Auto LED lights directly convert electrical energy into light energy through semiconductor chips, and the light emitted is usually blue light.

The color temperature of LED car light and halogen light is different

The color temperature of halogen light is generally between 2000K-4000K, while LED car light is usually above 5000K (the different color temperatures also cause the difference in light color).

The price of auto LED lights and halogen lights is different

The price of halogen lights is relatively cheap and is mainly used for ordinary car models. LED car lights are more expensive and are mainly used for mid-to-high-end car models.

Nowadays, is there a type of car light that can have both the penetration power of halogen lights in rainy and foggy weather and the high-end quality of xenon lights? Actually, it is LED car lights.

The LED light has the characteristics of energy saving, high brightness, fast startup, low working temperature, and small size. And because of its small size, LED light has various shapes and can even complete the design of some concept cars. Its performance is better, more stable, and more high-end. Therefore, LED lights are mostly used in high-end car models, even in high-end configurations.

As for whether halogen light or LED light is better, each has its own advantages, mainly depending on personal needs. Relatively speaking, LED lights are slightly better, whether in terms of brightness, service life, or energy saving. Many people choose to convert halogen lights to LED lights. The best lighting modification program is to convert the low beam to LED lights and add double-light lenses, while retaining the halogen lights for the high beam. This ensures both the lighting effect and the penetration of the lights, making driving safer.

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