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How Much Do You Know About the LED Light?

As energy-saving methods become more widely optimized, the public has also followed the trend, replacing the lighting in their homes with LED lights, which are indeed brighter than other lights and have no heat-emitting performance. LED lights even provide safety and security.

The incandescent bulbs we usually use emit light when they are electrified, and then convert electrical energy into light energy through the thermal effect of the current. However, incandescent bulbs have a feeling of heat, which is because the filament is prone to oxidation after long-term work.

To slow down this occurrence, an inert gas is generally fused into the bulb, which causes the temperature of the filament to increase and therefore cause the bulb to heat up. This is also why the incandescent bulb has a short service life.

The working principle of the LED light

LED light saves energy by having their atomic nuclei revolve around the nucleus at great speeds with electrons and releasing energy in the form of photons, so LED lights can convert electrical energy into light energy, which is why they consume less energy.

LED lights are not energy-saving, but rather energy-efficient

Why are LED lights called energy-efficient instead of energy-saving? This is because, under the same brightness, LED lights consume less electricity compared to incandescent bulbs, so LED lights are actually more energy-saving. Also, under the same power, LED lights are brighter than other lights, which is their energy-saving performance.

LED lights are still the trend

In the long run, LED light consumes about 70% less electricity than traditional lighting products, which is one of the advantages of LED lights, making them have a longer service life than traditional lighting products. LED light has a good visual effect in terms of daylight.

Because they look more gentle, they have good protection effects in terms of light and other aspects. In the production materials, there is no need for any filaments or glass materials, so LED light is safer and do not have some problems of traditional light bulbs.

Therefore, when purchasing a LED light, it is also important to ensure their quality, and it is better to buy from big brands with better quality. Some people also think that the blue light emitted by LED lights is harmful, but this is actually a normal phenomenon for light sources.

The prices of the same LED bulbs are different

Why are the prices of the same LED bulbs with the same power different? The main reason is the cost of the dust-free workshop during production, so the price of LED lights naturally varies.

As we move towards a green environment, we can see that LED lights are not as bad as we think and also have benefits. Actually, whether LED lights save energy or not depends on the electricity usage, so it is important to choose the most suitable lights for your home based on your needs and actual situation, rather than only focusing on LED light being energy-saving. This is often the most reasonable approach.

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