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Service of LED Lighting

Service of LED Lighting

Technical help

  • Telephone technical support: +86-15557163173

  • WeChat: coffee157

  • Email:

  • On-site service technical support: we can send sales or engineers on-site service

After-sale Service

  • During the warranty period, the fault occurred. (Whether within the scope of warranty or outside the scope of warranty), after receiving the notice of problem repair, respond within 8 hours. After the two parties communicate, if you need to arrange for technical personnel to go to the site of Party A for maintenance and troubleshooting, we can Schedule maintenance personnel to maintain on-site.

  • Service Commitment: Everything is for the customer and for all customers.

Warranty Policy

After receiving the notice of problem repair, respond within 8 hours. During the warranty period, free maintenance; outside the warranty period, only the cost.

Research & Development

R&D": The company has a technical team engaged in many years of production and R&D, with industry-leading expertise and technical level. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and highlighting the value that is given to our customers. While determining the performance and specifications of our products, our on-site service engineers always try to improve the customer's profit margin by reducing the actual purchase cost of the customer. We have complete processing and testing capabilities, ISO14001:2004, and ISO9001-2008 management systems. Zhejiang Aobang Series plastic sealing DC motor mold and The products have won a good reputation among customers with our stable quality, accurate and timely supply, and after-sales service.


Thanks to the trust of our customers, thanks to belief, and support of our customers, we will do our best to fulfill each customer's trust:

  1. The service quality is not only the best, but the better, the service is serious, careful, and cares for every detail of the product.

  2. Ordinary work is done with care, simple work is done carefully, small work is done by heart, the customer's production requirements are carefully met, and the customer's modification work is tried as much as possible.

  3. Good quality control, fine technology, and careful work.

  4. Strong teamwork ability, and close cooperation in business, process, and production. Every aspect of the team's situation is understood. When problems happen, they can understand the situation and respond quickly and propose solutions.

Company message:

We believe that the warmest days come from the cold, and we believe that warmth is an understanding of the cold and gratitude.

Sometimes it is not easy to find a responsible factory with a small amount of non-standard products. I believe that the customer choosing Wawa tree is right!