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How Many Types of LED Lights Are There? How to Choose LED Lights?

LED lights are a type of semiconductor light-emitting diode. They are made up of a semiconductor crystal and a metal junction, with the semiconductor crystal containing a p-n junction that emits light when current flows through it. LED lights can emit many different colors of light and can replace traditional incandescent bulbs because they save energy and produce stronger light.

Types of LED lights

According to the structure of light emitting diodes

LED lights can be roughly divided into structures such as full epoxy packaging, glass encapsulation, and ceramic base epoxy packaging. According to the color of the light emitted, they can be roughly divided into red, blue, white, and other colors.

Applications of LED lights

They can be divided into indoor lighting fixtures and outdoor lighting fixtures. Generally, indoor lighting fixtures include LED ceiling lights, LED spotlights, LED bulbs, LED ceiling lamps, LED tubes, LED panel lights, and so on. Outdoor lighting fixtures include LED floodlights, LED street lights, and so on.

Power classification of LED lights

LED lights can be classified as high-power or low-power, depending on the power level. In general, an LED light with a rated current of 20mA is considered a low-power LED light, while one with a rated current higher than 20mA is a high-power LED light. Higher power levels produce brighter light than lower power levels.

Choosing LED lights

Choosing the size

The size of LED lights should be determined by the area to be illuminated. Beware of using lights that are too small or too large. For bedrooms under 10 square meters, choose a ceiling lamp with a diameter of less than 45cm. For bedrooms measuring 10-20 square meters, choose a lamp with a diameter of about 60cm. For bedrooms measuring 20-30 square meters, choose a lamp with a diameter of about 80cm.

Choosing the shape

LED lights come in circular and square shapes. In general, circular ceiling lamps are more suitable for bedrooms and studies, while square ceiling lamps are more suitable for living rooms and dining rooms. For kitchens and bathrooms, a square design similar to an integrated ceiling is recommended.

Choosing the material for the mask

The mask of an LED light is the part that can be touched. Many manufacturers use different materials for their masks, including acrylic, plastic, and glass. To check the quality of the mask, press it with your hand to see how soft it is. A soft material is better. Then, check the color by holding it up to the light. A vibrant color is better. Finally, try removing the mask to check how easy it is to disassemble.

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