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Three Maintenance Steps for the LED Light

In our home, we mostly use LED lights nowadays. However, when it comes to LED lights, we often find that they have a relatively short lifespan and are prone to problems. The common issues include burnt-out LED lights, dimming or flickering problems. Therefore, many people want to repair the LED lights themselves when this problem occurs. So, how can we repair LED lights after they are broken? Let's answer some questions about LED light repair.

Before we answer the repair plan, let's first introduce some common causes of damage to LED lights in households. Because different causes of damage require different repair methods in the later stage. 

Three most common causes of damage to LED lights used in households

Damage to LED light beads

That is to say, when the LED light in our home is broken, we will find that most or all of the light beads are not bright. This problem is also a common one where LED lights are burnt-out. Actually, the method to determine this is very simple. We can open the lampshade of the ceiling light, and then observe the LED light beads. If we find that the light beads are blackened or have burn marks, it is likely that the LED light is burnt-out.

Damage caused by power conversion

There is usually a power converter in the LED light because the voltage in our home is not consistent with that of LED lights. Therefore, we generally connect the home wire to the voltage converter first, and then enter the light beads. If the quality of the voltage converter is not good, it is very easy to be damaged.

Overall damage to LED lights

This means that the LED light in our home is not only damaged in the light beads, but also the voltage converter is damaged at the same time. In fact, this is a very common problem where the LED light is burnt-out due to circuit problems, and the entire LED light will appear black.

After the LED light is damaged, how to repair?

After we introduced a few common causes of damage to LED lights used in households, we can adopt corresponding repair methods for different causes. So, when we find that the LED lights in the ceiling are damaged, we can follow the following steps to repair them:

  • Remove the lampshade of the LED light. We can find a stool or a dedicated repair ladder, and then move the lampshade card to one side, so that we can remove the lampshade of the LED light. There are also some that can be removed by moving left and right. This exposes all the positions of the LED light beads inside the LED light, which is ready for repair.

  • LED light repair. There are three common repair options for LED lights, which correspond to different types of damage. First, we can replace the driver of the LED light. For this adapter, we can purchase the same model, and then disconnect the connected wires on the left and right, and then replace the driver to see if it can light up properly.

  • Debug and restore. After we replace the necessary parts, do not hurry to install the lampshade. We need to debug it after power is supplied. After we supply power, we can use the switch to test whether it can light up properly. If it can be lit up normally, then the repair is completed. Then, we can install the lampshade.

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