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2835 LED Strip Light

Many pretty colors are available for 2835 LED Strip Light--- Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, and White RGB 2835 LED, you can use these indoor led strip lights DIY for your home or your commercial lighting. It has so wonderful heat dissipation, which makes it much more durable and stable. With 2835 RGB led stripes, it is a very high-brightness led chip, so the 2835 led RGB strip light is extremely bright than others.

Difference Between RGB 5050 and 2835

Size: The numbers 5050 led strip light and 2835 led strip light refer to the dimensions of the individual interior strip lighting. 5050 led strip lumens are 5.0mm wide and 5.0mm long, while a 2835 LED is 2.8mm wide and 3.5mm long. Therefore, the led strip RG 5050 5m is physically larger than the 2835 led lights.

Brightness: Due to their larger size, 5050 LEDs generally produce brighter illumination compared to the 2835 led size. The larger size allows for more diodes and, therefore, greater light output. If you want a more luminous lighting effect, the 5050 LED strip would be a better choice.

Power Consumption: In terms of power efficiency, led strip 2835 RGBs are typically more energy-saving than 5050 led rope lights. This is because they are smaller and require less power to operate. If you prioritize minimizing power consumption, the 2835 LED strip may be more suitable for your needs.

Flexibility: Both 5050 and 2835 LED strips are flexible and can be bent around corners or curved surfaces. However, the main difference lies in the number of diodes per segment. 5050 LED strips usually have three diodes (red, green, and blue) per segment, while 2835 LED strips often have only one diode per segment. Consequently, 5050 LED strips offer more color variation and can produce more dynamic lighting effects.

In summary, if you prefer brighter illumination and more vibrant colors, the RGB 5050 LED strip is a better choice. On the other hand, if you prioritize power efficiency and still want flexible lighting options, the RGB 2835 LED strip may be a more suitable option for you.

2835 led strip light
2835 120 led
2835 240 led

2835 RGB LED Strip Details

  • 2835 LED Strip Light.

  • High Brightness 2835 LED chip.

  • 120pcs LEDs/METER.

  • DC12V, DC24V.

  • It is extremely low heat with a voltage of 24V or 12V.

  • It is touchable and safe for children with low voltage.

  • Our led strip has ultra-strong 3M to a sticker.

  • It can be cut the strip light as necessary.

  • It is used in interior or exterior decoration.

  • Single-color led strips and multi-color led strips are available.

  • For home decoration, making it is very romantic.

RGB 2835 LED Size

  • RGB 2835 LEDs have the same package size as regular 2835 LED sizes, which are 2.8mm by 3.5mm. The "RGB" designation indicates that these LEDs are capable of producing light in three primary colors: red, green, and blue.

    RGB LEDs are widely used in various LED light applications that require the ability to create different colors by combining different intensities of red, green, and blue light. By controlling the intensity of each color channel, a wide range of colors can be achieved.

    The compact size of the 2835 package makes RGB 2835 LEDs suitable for use in lighting fixtures, decorative lighting, signage, display backlighting, and other applications where color control and versatility are important.

    When working with RGB 2835 LED strips, it's crucial to ensure proper wiring and control circuitry to independently adjust the intensity of each color channel. This allows for precise color mixing and customization of the desired LED light OEM effects.

RGB 2835 LED Benefits

  • 2835 LED RGB is easy installation, which has self-adhesive tape on the back.

  • Flexible and tiny size to decode anywhere you want.

  • RGB LED strip 2835 is cuttable for DIY to many different led light shapes.

  • It is bendable and foldable as your will.

  • Saving your energy power to keep the environment protected.

  • It is high brightness with one line and no dark dots.

  • It can be cuttable by yourself.

  • SMD2835 RGB LEDs, Long lifespan.

2835 SMD LED Specifications

Item No.


















Is 2825 Bulb Same as W5w

Yes, the 2835 led rgb bulb and W5W bulb are essentially the same. Both bulbs have the same wedge base configuration, which is denoted by the "W" in "W5W." The "5" in W5W represents the distance between the pins, which is 5mm. The 2835 led rgb bulb is just a standard bulb model number used to refer to the W5W bulb type.

The rgb 2835 led bulb is commonly used in auto interior light applications, such as sidelights, parking lights, license plate lights, and other auxiliary lighting in vehicles. It is also widely known as a W5W bulb due to its wedge base and 5mm pin distance.

When purchasing a replacement led lamp for a car, you can look for either the 2825 or W5W designation, and you should find the same type of bulb suitable for your specific automotive lighting needs. As with any automotive bulb replacement, it's essential to check your vehicle's owner's manual or consult with a reputable automotive parts supplier to ensure you select the correct bulb model for your particular vehicle make and model.

2835 Rgb LED Bulb FAQs

2835 Rgb LED Bulb FAQs

  • What are the common applications for 2835 RGB LED bulbs?

    These 2835 rgb led bulbs are often used in decorative lighting, such as accent lighting, mood lighting, party lighting, and other applications where color-changing capabilities are desired. They are also used in certain home automation systems and smart lighting setups where you can control the colors using mobile apps or voice commands.

  • What is a 2835 RGB LED bulb?

    A 2835 RGB LED bulb is an LED lighting product that combines three primary colors of LEDs (red, green, and blue) in a single bulb to produce a wide range of colors. The "2835" refers to the LED chip size, with dimensions of 2.8mm x 3.5mm. These 2835 rgb led bulbs are used for decorative and ambiance lighting purposes.

  • How does the RGB function work in these bulbs?

    The RGB function allows you to adjust the color of the light emitted by the bulb. By controlling the intensity of the red, green, and blue LEDs, you can create various colors and shades, allowing you to customize the lighting to suit your preferences or needs.

  • How do I control the colors of the RGB LED bulb?

    The control methods may vary depending on the specific product. Some RGB LED bulbs come with a remote control that allows you to adjust the colors, brightness, and lighting effects. Others can be controlled using mobile apps via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. 

  • What is the lifespan of 2835 RGB LED bulbs?

    The lifespan of 2835 RGB LED bulbs varies depending on the quality of the product and usage. Generally, LED bulbs have a longer lifespan compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. They can last anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 hours or more.

  • Are 2835 RGB LED bulbs energy-efficient?

    Yes, RGB LED bulbs, including the 2835 type, are energy-efficient. LEDs consume significantly less energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, resulting in lower electricity bills and reduced environmental impact.

  • Can I use 2835 RGB LED bulbs outdoors?

    Some 2835 RGB LED bulbs are suitable for outdoor use, but you need to check the product specifications to ensure they are rated for outdoor applications. Look for bulbs with appropriate IP (Ingress Protection) ratings, indicating their level of protection against dust and water.

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