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10 Inch LED Time Clock

It's energy efficient large red LED lights (only a few dollars a year in energy consumption) can easily be seen from any angle so you’ll always know the proper time. It has an unbreakable acrylic screen not unsafe glass. It’s perfect for any home, business, school, gym, church, warehouse, etc. All employees will be on the same time schedule. No more excuses for late deliveries! It makes a perfect conversation piece.

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Features of 10 Inch LED Time Clock

  • Oversized 4.25-inch tall digits allow for easy-viewing from across the office, classroom, or living room

  • Six different lighting settings including auto-dim mode

  • Keyholes for wall-mounting and fold-out stand for tabletop placement

  • Powered by a 9-foot power cord; Features integrated cord storage

  • Remembers the time in event of a power outage with optional backup batteries

  • Ideal for seniors and people with vision problems

  • Available in 3 different colors; red, green and white

Functions of 10 Inch LED Time Clock

  • Huge 10 inch LED wall clock. Is easily viewed from practically any distance, great for home, business, school, gym, church, warehouse, etc.

  • PATENTED LED DESIGN lights up 119 acrylic squares to display time in a non-glare unique way

  • Wall or shelf/desk placement

  • REMOTE CONTROL for time changing on Wall

  • AM/PM Indicator 12 hour operation

  • Excellent for the legally blind and visually impaired or low vision

  • Internal battery back-up if power is lost

  • Power Source: 110 volt AC Adapter Powered, included

Specification of 10 Inch LED Time Clock

Item No.


Led Type




IP Class

LED Time display

6" 8" 10" 24" 60" 






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