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Classification of Application of LED Neon Lights

Actually, tracing back to its origin, neon lights have been around for over 100 years since their inception in 1910, adding countless colors and vibrancy to the night scene. As new lighting methods continue to emerge, environmental-friendly and acid-resistant LED neon lights with strong endurance, high durability, and wind and water resistance have gradually replaced traditional neon lights. Some manufacturers have even developed fifth-generation LED neon light strips, which have been applied to products such as LED neon signs, light paintings, and decorations, and have been popular among customers.

LED neon lights can change control conditions with no flicker and flashing, making them a cheap, powerful and effective advertising form. A night market bustling with people has always been a miniature of a neon city. The colorful neon lights can express a variety of strong contrasting sensations, which serve as excellent testimony to artificial lighting during the night. So, what are the classifications of LED neon light?

Based on functionality, they can be divided into engineering lighting, advertising lighting and artistic contour lighting, etc.

LED neon lights in engineering lighting

LED neon lights have the characteristics of low voltage, high safety, and good sealing performance, with a highly convenient installation that can be easily bent and cut to perfectly combine with large buildings, bridges, tunnels, ships, and city streets. For example, many large companies now install LED neon lights on each floor panel and glass curtain walls, and use electronic control systems to realize the color change of neon lights and their light time. At night, magnificent and colorful office buildings can be seen, revealing the humanistic atmosphere of a city.

LED neon lights in advertising lighting

LED neon lights have the characteristics of saturated multicolor and dynamic variation, and the appearance of bright colors can meet commercial purposes and attract people's attention. Therefore, at night, neon lights transform into flashy neon signs, advertising light boxes, and decorate every corner of the city, endowing the city with a more vibrant life.

LED neon lights in artistic contour lighting

LED neon lights are characterized by soft and dreamy light, making them the treasure of decorating inner space. They can be installed on the surface according to a specific contour (such as arc-shaped window contour, ceiling model, wall art decoration, etc.), highlighting the contour and producing a three-dimensional effect. The simple and clear LED neon light lines presented in a linear form give the space a sense of technology, as if people are traveling to the future world.

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