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Timing Mode Of Led Electronic Clock Display

LED electronic clock definition

LED electronic clock display is a use of digital circuit to display the seconds, minutes, and hours of timing devices, compared with the traditional mechanical clock, it has the advantages of being accurate, efficient, and intelligent, energy saving and environmental protection, display intuitive, no mechanical transmission device, LED electronic clock display from the principle is also a typical digital circuit, which includes a combination of the logic circuit and timing circuit, and therefore widely used. 

Good Hong LED electronic clock display using a one-piece aluminum alloy frame design, more robust and beautiful energy saving and environmental protection, more with its simple operation and stable performance, widely used in schools, examinations, hospitals, finance, mobile communications, oil, electricity, transportation, industry, and national defense synchronous clock system display terminal, LED electronic clock display has become an essential necessity in people's daily lives, to People's life, learning, work, entertainment to bring great convenience. 

LED electronic clock display timing network is composed of an Ethernet timing server or local timing server, switch, WIFI AP, and WIFI electronic clock. Ethernet time server or local time server time source for GPS, BeiDou, or CDMA network, to NTP protocol to provide time work, a variety of clock sources automatically optimized to ensure the LED electronic clock display timing of high precision, reliability, stability, LED electronic clock display time go time accuracy, the deviation is small, to achieve time synchronization unified calibration.

LED electronic clock display timing mode

1, GPS precision timing: GPS synchronous timing system with high precision, wide range, high reliability all-weather, and not affected by various interference.

2、NTP network timing: first reset the correct time of the LED electronic clock, insert the network cable, and wait for a few seconds, that is, to complete the calibration. the ns-level internal precision of NTP network timing, network timing accuracy in different network environments up to 1-50 milliseconds

3, CDMA telecom time: CDMA electronic clock can be directly through the telecom 2G or 3G network automatically correct time. LED electronic clock display server can work independently based on NTP/SNTP protocol, time synchronization server from GPS satellite, CDMA base station to obtain standard clock signal information, the information will be transmitted in the network, the network needs time signal equipment such as computers The time synchronization server gets the standard clock signal information from GPS satellite, CDMA base station, transmits this information in the network, and the devices which need time signal in the network such as computer, controller, etc. can be synchronized with the standard time source.

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