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Applications of Neon Lights

Neon lights are a highly specialized industry, with products from reputable companies having good quality and long lifespan

However, the market is disturbed by second and third-class companies, giving the impression that neon lights are prone to malfunction. In fact, their lifespan is even longer than that of fluorescent lights. For your benefit, please choose licensed, capable, and reputable companies.

In the past, neon light manufacturers almost exclusively used ordinary glass tubes and ordinary electrodes. As people's demands for products increased, high-lead glass tubes, ceramic ring electrodes, and tri-color powder tubes with gradient rainbow neon lights gradually became more widely used in people's lives, making life more vibrant and beautiful.

Light and scene are a rhythmic combination in the modern urbanite's sense of fashion. The proper arrangement of light intensity and natural environmental space construction fully reflects the oriental cultural atmosphere of traditional culture, adds changes to space, and creates a night scene effect that changes as one moves. Scientific light and scene require analysis and understanding, landscape lighting requires appreciation and taste, and art requires deep thought and inspiration. Landscape lighting art must use light and illumination to produce vitality. Illumination can change the appearance of the environment, and artistic lighting and color constitute a dynamic and static landscape of light, sound, and color, showing the small-scaleization, sculpturization, and fashionization of landscape garden lighting to embellish natural environments.

Neon lights are a traditional light source, a low-pressure gas discharge tube

Neon lights have electrodes with built-in filaments that produce cold electron emission and excite arc light discharge through high-pressure bombardment, causing the inside of the tube to radiate light. With the passage of time, neon light technology has made great progress, and new vacuum technology has enhanced the precision and consistency of electron tubes.

The breakdown and operation voltage of the neon lighting circuit components is high. Experienced neon light technicians know how to safely install and use it, selecting transformers with lower open-circuit voltage levels, shortening the length of the wires as much as possible, using high-quality insulation materials, and adopting protective devices. With the advancement of neon light technology, microelectronic technology design and implementation are used to control the brightness changes of three basic color tubes through microcontrollers, which can not only control the on/off of neon lights but also carry out digital dimming mixing to produce various colors, greatly enhancing the rendering effect of neon lights and improving their flexibility and high reliability. Neon lights now have the same enticing landscape effect as LEDs through standardized design, manufacture, and installation.

Neon lights also have visual impact and artistic appeal. They embody human pursuit of beautiful artistic enjoyment in a unique way through unique shapes and forms, recreating natural or cultural landscapes during the day through moonlight, starlight, and light to reproduce the night landscape effect.

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