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12 Inch LED Time Clock

The clock has ultra-bright LED’s to increase visibility in any conditions. It is IP65 waterproof so it can stand direct weather. You can either hang from a ceiling with included rings or mount on a wall. Brackets/hardware are included. It has a non glare screen to maintain readability in high sunshine conditions. Almost 4 feet long the outdoor clock has energy efficient large red LED lights (only few dollars a year in energy consumption) and can easily be seen from any angle so you’ll always know the proper time. It’s perfect for any swimming pool, outside wall. factory setting, indoor/outdoor tennis, sports venue, business, school, gym, church, warehouse, etc. All employees will be on the same time schedule. No more excuse for late deliveries!
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Features of 12 Inch LED Time Clock

  • Huge 12 inch LED clock. Is easily viewed from practically any distance, great for factories, businesses, school, gym, church, warehouse, etc.

  • Waterproof IP65 rating

  • Internal GPS (satellite time) for time accuracy

  • Date & temperature

  • Long Distance Remote Control up to 45ft allows easy settings changes on “the fly”

Specification of 12 Inch LED Time Clock

Item No.


Led Type




IP Class

LED Time display

6" 8" 10" 24" 60" 






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